Pôle Technologique de Haute-Champagne

The Project

The Pôle Technologique de Haute-Champagne is a territorial structural development plan, decided in december 2001, by Conseil Général de la Haute-Marne, with the help of  Europe, State, Region Champagne-Ardenne,  GIP-52 and Communauté de Communes du Bassin Nogentais ; in partnership with CRITT-MDTS, UTT and NOGENTECH, this programme is aimed to bring a strong technological support to the industrial area.

The CRITT-MDTS (Centre Régional d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologie- Matériaux, Dépôts, Traitements de Surface) Nogent Agency, was located down-town Nogent-52 since 20 years. It needed new premises, to be more optimized and adapted to more demanding activities.

In parallel, there was no superior education system beyond BTS, which was an argument to the set up a specialized cursus, backed up by an Engineering School : The partnership with UTT (Université de Technologie de Troyes) will lead to the installation in Nogent, of an educational programme for Bac+5 level engineers, on an alternance mode of apprenticeship, called « Process and Shaping of Materials ». It will allow the education of future engineers and PhD thesis, in tight collaboration with industry and local communities.

Labels and Awards

This action has been rewarded 3 times, at the national level, by DATAR (Délégation à l’Aménagement du Territoire et à l’Attractivité Régionale) :

– 2000, NOGENTECH cluster  is labeled SPL (Système Productif Localisé) specializing in the 2nd transformation of metal.

– june 2006, emerging Pôle Technologique is awarded the PER label (Pôle d’Excellence Rurale).

– may 2010, NOGENTECH is officially honored with the qualification of « Grappe d’Entreprises »


The first phase of building construction , has led to the installation, in April 2009, of CRITT-MDTS laboratories. A more than 1,600 m2 facility, equipped with a 380 m2 multiple use shop floor, and 2 smaller industrial buildings of 137 m2 each, serving as a nursery for start-ups . The operation is totalling 2,233 m2 of covered surface.

Thanks to  the successful completion  of this first building programme, fast renting of the start-up nursery area, and a national decision for UTT to start a Bac+5 engineers alternating education through apprenticeship,  a 2nd phase building construction is envisioned, pending financing. This 2nd phase will welcome the installation of UTT Nogent  in optimal conditions.  It will allow for an extension of the start-up nursery space offer, and the existing Reception Lobby Hall will be in the position to be converted into an operational space for, congresses, seminars, meetings as well as for permanent education and training.

This 2nd phase construction will be achieved in 3 steps :

1. – Extension of the “ industrial nursery”, by building 2 times 2 new communicating modules of 140 m2 and 237 m2 , hence a total of 754 m2 effective surface, phase 2A ; thus offering 3 different (flexible) standards of surfaces : 1,490, 237 and 377 m2.

2. –  Extension of the Reception Hall, through a first area dedicated to education : An auditorium of 100 seats, and its control room (189 m2), 3 lecture rooms (204 m2), 2 offices and annexes (61 m2), technical rooms, sanitary and walk space totalling 560 m2. These new surface added to the existing Reception Hall, will total 939 m2.

3. – Extension of the parking lot to 56 spaces.