General Background

Pro+MeD Nogentech

Pro+Med commitment is to develop and increase competitiveness of Haute-Marne Medical Devices Industry, while exploring neighbouring sectors, in term of research, innovation and education.

Its long-term action in the field, must enhance  inter-professional synergies on the triangle Nogent-Chaumont-Langres. It is also aimed to link with two neighbouring clusters :

–          Bio Regio STERN (Stuttgart, Tübingen,Esslingen, Reutlingen, Neckar-Alb) , in Bade-Wurtemberg, Germany

–          Medical Cluster headquartered in Bern, Switzerland.

Their products and specialties are somewhat comparable to Pro+MeD .

This transnational, yet local, co-operation with our territory is a major asset to build the frame of a consistent network where companies and competence centers can exchange and collaborate with optimized efficiency, at the highest european level.