Pro+Med cluster road map

  • Value local industry know-how
  • Sustain regionally located medical industry leaders
  • Reinforce local sub-contracting in the medical industry.
    • By supporting their Quality Sytem improvement.
    • By stimulating Reseach & Development
    • By networking enterprises with buyers and scientific/technical partners.
    • By helping the set-up of technology projects at the country level (french regional clusters) , at the transnational level ( swiss and german clusters)
  • Establish scientific and technology watch processes
  • Induce and support collaborative projects between research laboratories and enterprises, on selected regional priorities like health, environment, sustainable development, materials…
  • Stimulate enterprises creation and continuation.
  • Install specific training sessions upstream and downstream the Medical Devices sector (Risk Management at the hospital, manual and automated polishing,…)
  • In the city of Chaumont, build a Show-Room dedicated to the local know-how (future Maison de la Prothèse et de l’Instrumentation chirurgicale)