Thanks to PRO+MED pragmatic and sustainable actions,  the cluster has been successful in establishing a tight connection with its german neighbours (Bio Régio STERN) and swiss neighbours (Medical Cluster Suisse) . The 3 clusters are very complementary in production and R&D activities for prostheses, ancillary tools and surgical instruments.

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Numerous collaborations and contacts have already been engaged :

  • Participation of NOGENTECH to the Bern RFID Seminar, november 2009.
  • Participation of the swiss and german clusters to PROSTHESIA, an international event organized in Nogent, september 24, 2009 (Official Launch of Euro Pro+MeD). This event gathered 200 professionals from all over Europe

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    • In the scope of polishers educational training : Visit of ALSTOM-Power, Birr, Switzerland, by Nogent and Chaumont industry professionals. December 14, 2009.

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        • German/Swiss industry professionals and Bio Regio STERN representatives visit Nogent and Chaumont. March 2010.
        • German/Swiss professionals and Medical Cluster representatives visit Nogent and Chaumont  June 2010.

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          • Nogentech Pro+MeD to visit the NMI Reutlingen (Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut an der Universität Tübingen) , a Nature and Medical Science Institute of the Tübingen University. November 2010
          • Nogentech Pro+MeD to visit Fraunhofer Institutes of Aachen, December 2010, and Stuttgart. February 2011
          • Euro Pro+MeD participation at Medtech Stuttgart (March 23, 2011) . Euro Pro+MeD exhibition booth at Medtech Besançon (April 13-13, 2011)
          • NOGENTECH booth at the Hannover Messe Exhibition. (April 4 to 7, 2011)

          In january 2010, NOGENTECH decided to file an application to the Oséo INNET Innovation Networks Call for projects in order to financially support this transboarder co-operation. Euro  Pro+MeD and 7 member SME’s have been selected at the European level, namely  : Oury-Guyé & Fils, Marle SA, Lasserteux, Microtig, Haute Marne Parachèvement, Mikroland, Gillet Outillage. This European protocol, ease up the financing of exchanges between NOGENTECH Euro Pro+MeD and the swiss and german clusters. Their objective is to link potential partners of the 3 clusters, to stimulate the inception and preparation of technological co-operations between innovating SME’s.

          NOGENTECH domains of participation in these projects :

          • Help non medical companies to engage a diversification towards Medical Devices specialties, adapt their know-how and get linked to our specialized european medical partners . (surgical instruments, ancillary tools, endoscopy, mini-invasive surgery, ..)
          • Extend the network to potential partners having similar actions and expectations, in order to ease up the starting of new R&D programmes.
          • Communicate abroad, about our brands and know-how through exhibitions and seminars, and via Euro Pro+MeD communication media.
          • Communicate on our local know-how in term of Medical Devices and set-up bi or tri-lateral commercial agreements (subcontracting,…) between Haute-Marne and european players.
          • Create educational programmes to benefit local employment (polishers, …) and image of the industrial area ( Operating room nurses,…)
          • Create added value to local subcontracting through R&D.
          • Networking at european level to enhance existing competence of the cluster.