NOGENTECH proposed services (detailed)

– Thanks to its local, regional, and european partners, NOGENTECH helps you to find new technical partners, new customers, new buyers and sub-contractors.

– NOGENTECH propose to build up and structure your Research/Development/Innovation projects, related to Forge, metals machining, materials processing, thermal treatment, surface treatment and polishing, assembling, Quality Control and maintenance, with the help of our local/european network of enterprises, Universities and competence centers in France, Switzerland and Germany. Your projects can be individual or collective, depending on your own internal competences, and your strategy .

– NOGENTECH also propose to share with you its know-how in the sollicitation of public financing (support to innovation and investment, national & Europe/international calls for projects, collective actions. NOGENTECH  is a favoured interlocutor of most institutions : Europe, State, Region, County, GIP, Oséo, DGCIS, …

– NOGENTECH helps you to put together a scientific or regulatory watch. It helps you to find additional financing that will reduce your costs.

– NOGENTECH is sharing its personnel and assets to organize mutualized training sessions in various domains : health & safety, first aid, computers, foreign languages,…in order to save your time and money.  A mutualized training session costs 3 to 4 times less than an individual one, and it can be tailored on demand.

– NOGENTECH is willing to help you increase your visibility and  improve your communication:

Free Internet page for your company :

Free e-mail address : your logo and your activities on NOGENTECH web site.

Your logo and your activities on NOGENTECH commercial brochures.

Cost reduction through car pooling and mass transportation to Shows & Exhibitions

Providing collective exhibition booths, thus reducing surface renting cost for each company.

– NOGENTECH is also providing representation and exhibition of your products to some selected events.

– NOGENTECH is a partner of  Groupement d’Employeurs GEHM , allowing your company to hire competences in time-sharing. ( +33 (0) 3 25 02 93 54 )