Pending actions


Several actions are being conducted by the NOGENTECH team:


RFID programme : integration of  RFID tags inside surgical instruments and ancillary tools

SMART POLISHING : Orthopedic implants robotized polishing  driven by an optical transducer

– Regulatory and Technology Watch. Environment, Health and Safety

– INNET or INNOVATION NETWORKS (TACTICS) Transnational Intercluster Technology Cooperation for the benefit of SME’s (with Germany, Switzerland)

TQM , Process and Quality of Materials. By UTT , Université de Technologie de Troyes. An education Value Unit that is part of the Engineer cursus.

–  UTT Nogent apprenticeship for future engineers. Alternance between educational cursus and work in enterprises. Beginning Fall 2011.

Progress plan for the Forge-Stamping sector. French Government (DIRECCTE) + GIP Haute-Marne

– Future Maison Européenne de la Prothèse et de l’Instrumentation de Chirurgie (House of Implant and Surgical Instrument) that will be located in Chaumont.

Risk Management in Hospitals and Operations Rooms. Permanent training sessions for IBODEs (Operation Room Nurses) and Middle Management Hospital and Clinics personnel.